Choctaw Moondate: Onáfa, Kowi̱chosh, First Quarter Ends

The first quarter of the Kowi̱chosh moon, the Choctaw month Kowi̱chosh, ends today at 1:47pm. The new year of the gregorian calendar began during this quarter. It was a very warm quarter until these past two days when daytime temperatures were below 5o degrees. There were thunderstorms on the warmest days with tornados in the region.

Many people made tobi hicha ta̱chpallaska, beans and cornbread, for the new year.

They used tobi nishkin losa, black-eyed peas, and cooked southern skillet cornbread; preferably with local milled ta̱chbota/ta̱chi poshi/ta̱shfotoha, cornmeal.

The old Choctaw definer names the corn mill, ta̱ch áfotohli.


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