Choctaw Moondate: Onáfa, Kowi Chito, First Quarter Ends

The first quarter of Kowi Chito ended at 3:02am this morning and it was an eventful quarter. The first day of Kowi Chito had major thunderstorms with high winds damaging a lot of the local flora, and then two tornados in the ancestral homelands. The middle of the quarter had some of the coldest mornings so far this onáfa season, with temperatures near freezing before dawn and a lot of frost. The quarter ended with a large storm system slowly moving over the homeland with steady rain. It was definitely the most active weather week of the entire season.

The ends of the days have been seeing the earliest sundown times, hashi ittolah, sunsethas been at 4:50pm for nearly the whole quarter, but the sun will actually start to set later in Choctawland after the first day of the next quarter.

It should also be noted that this quarter was the time when the Water Protectors at Standing Rock stopped the Dakota Access Pipeline from crossing the river on their lands.


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