Choctaw Moondate: Onáfa, Kowi Chito

Today at 6:18am is the new moon Kowi Chito. During Kowi Chito, Earth will reach it’s solstice and the modern winter season will begin at 4:44am on December 21st. Kowi Chito has been translated as lion, but in the Choctaw homeland it would have described a larger panther, or possibly a jaguar since the homeland is within the northern range of the jaguar.

The last quarter of the moon Hohchafo Chito brought the most visible changing of colors in the trees with temperatures ranging from cold to moderate in the mornings. The last day of the quarter had a much needed storm front and good rain for the region.

Kowi Chito is the third moon of the Choctaw long season onáfa.

The Choctaw long season has also been known as hashtolaHashtola, sun laying down, describes the sun as it is, lying low in the sky during these moons. The modern autumn season that is ending during this moon has been named onáfatiyaonáfapi, and hashtolahpi.

Hashi, the sun, will set at it’s earliest time 4:50pm, everyday for the entire first quarter of Kowi Chito. Hashi will continue rising later in the morning as the days continue to shorten until the solstice. In Choctawland the shortest days are just around 10 hours.


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