Choctaw Moondate: Onáfa Hohchafo Chito, First Quarter Ends

The first quarter of the Hohchafo Chito moon ends around 1:51pm today.  The end of the quarter was also the end of daylight savings time so the sun will start setting before 5pm this next quarter. In the next quarter the moon will be moving into the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun and it will be the closest and brightest full moon in over 60 years.

The week was warm and more leaves are changing and falling from the trees. The trees with leaves changing are the tall sycamores, yellow poplar, and maples. The trees that are still pretty green are the oaks, elms, hickories, the sweetgum, and the two holly trees and pines of course. There is a young red mulberry with a few leaves left. A sapling cedar and black willow can be found in the underbrush with the many other sapling oaks, pines, and hickories and the enemy greenbrier. The phoenix sassafras has a new inhabitant, a big green spider, and the leaves are barely turning red. It’s self grafted base is looking shabby. With the new warming climate and lack of rain it will be interesting to watch the resilience of all the iti alhíha these next few months.


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